Thomas Greene

Producer & Drummer

Thomas Greene was born in wild and wonderful West Virginia and raised on classic rock and Sinatra. Rhythm bubbling to the surface lead him to the drums as a kid. Thomas zoned in on the drums HARD in college and this continued through to his first pro gigs in San Francisco after graduation. After many years in bands and a day job in commercial music composition, Thomas headed south to Los Angeles. LA has became his home for good, and now Thomas plays around town and produces artists at every stage. His sound is a mix of his early years (Paul Simon, Steely Dan, The Eagles & Genesis) combined with his voracious appetite for new music of every genre.
"I like to work wherever the artist is most comfortable and productive. Sometimes that is a studio where we can focus on sounds and songs. Lately, I am finding artists prefer starting the process in my studio. It provides an intimate environment where we can experiment, change directions and explore freely. Recording tech has evolved to a place where we can produce songs at the same level as we would in a large studio without the overhead. Again, whatever results in the best song."